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Lately I39ve been thinking a lot about UA teacher Todoroki and his

Lately I39ve been thinking a lot about UA teacher Todoroki and his


Lately I've been thinking a lot about UA teacher, Todoroki and his pro hero bf Deku #tododekupic.twitter.com/Pw6z7vFfED

Feshnie Fox

ronin-warriors-fanatic asked: "I love that orange haired boy in Todoroki sensei's class!" He's just a simple minded, determined guy who wants to be a hero ...

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tumblr_p8o9ejNpZP1qc8g6no4_1280.pnj (960×1280) Boku No Hero Academia

chloeee-tu: “Going to Disneyland! ”

Boku No Hero Academia, Force Of Evil

Todoroki Shouto & Midoriya Izuku

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Midoriya Izuku x Todoroki Shouto / Boku no Hero Academia

Midoriya Izuku x Todoroki Shouto / Boku no Hero Academia

Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya Izuku / Boku no Hero Academia


You teach em good

My Hero Academia

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It's an anime that's been on everyone's mind this season with more action, *quirks* and vivid color than every before! The students of UA make a fantastic ...

Read KatsuDeku from the story 💜 KatsuDeku (MHA) 💙 by ❣ ) with 971 reads.

Finally we come to the Final Exams Arc in which the students must pair up in groups of two against U.A. teachers in a battle. The goal is the pair the least ...

bumblevip: Bnha Midoriya Izuku and Todoroki Shouto

dont know why but they did that My Hero Academia Memes, Boku No Hero Academia

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boku no hero academia, bnha, and tododeku image

Todoroki Shouto | BNHA | cred.BUGI_0705 |

Idk who the artist is :( Todoroki Shoto - My Hero Academia

The truth is over there Boku No Academia, Buko No Hero Academia, Heroes,

Misc.Most of Yall who hate on Endeavor also love Bakugo who since ch 1 the dude promotes suicide... SMH at your double standards.

Midoriya Izuku x Todoroki Shouto / Boku no Hero Academia Anime Sketch, Frozen Broccoli,

Midoriya and Todoroki My Hero Academia, Hero 3, Gorillaz, Musicals, Dibujo,

Tododeku (Todoroki x Midoriya) shipping: ring // boku no hero academia /

After I'm on hiatus of working than waiting the movie came out, i can't take too lomg to finish it and i finally posted it.

Boku no Hero Academia || Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku, "TodoDeku" #


My son is so cute My Hero Academia, Heroes, Cosplay, Manga, Anime

Midoriya Izuku x Todoroki Shouto / Boku no Hero Academia

RT @hrakjyo: UAビッグ3のアレ見てつまり二年後は

MHA: Ragdoll, Pixie-Bob, Mandalay x M!Reader (1/3) by TheNessY21 on DeviantArt

The Lowdown:

My hero academia x male reader: Duality Ch.4 by YoshikageHugo on DeviantArt

Forgotten Morals | Todoroki x Villain!Reader by Words-Of-Fate on DeviantArt

Idk if anyone noticed, but Camie's first interaction with Todoroki, she asked Todoroki for his contact info and he says “Ah, okay.” And gives it to her

BNHA One-Shots (ON HOLD) - An Eclipse My Dear- Midnight (Fem Reader) - Wattpad

Manga SpoilersWhich ...

And while it's played off as a joke, with him assuming he's All Might's illegitimate son, he's not… that far off, really?

This arc was probably my favorite of the series for a number of reasons, but primarily because of the character development for Shoto Todoroki, ...

The Power of God, in a Teenager?!... Part 3 (BnHA) by TaranThyGod on DeviantArt

... All Might before we see Toshinori's True Form disappearing into the dust, anyone got anything else they'd like to talk about concerning the new OP & ED?

Todoroki Shouto | BNHA |

Guess who makes a return in tomorrow's Episode... bet you can't guess

Welcome to U.A. High!

Shouto Todoroki


I strongly disagree with that stuff because it's seen again and again that Baku lacks trust in anyone and solely goes after whatever he likes.

circles // Todoroki x reader x Bakugou

Boku no Hero Academia Seven in Heaven - Dabi by VampireGodesNyx on DeviantArt

1198 best Art – Tododeku images on Pinterest in 2018 | Boku no hero academia, Fan art and Fanart

I mean.... Izuku says hi but Kaminari is also very very cute

Boku no Hero Academia || Ship Oneshots

Through the Rain (Shouto Todoroki x Reader)

Boku no Hero Academia X Male!Reader Ch.8 (Lemon) by Taga-kun on DeviantArt

i have this hc that if it was shouto who had been kidnapped by the league of villains instead of bakugou, dabi would convince shouto to join his cause in ...

Just A Bunch of One-Shots!

My Hero Academia ED 5 Full | "Long Hope Philia" by Masaki Suda

Chapter One: Misunderstandings

Related image

... taken to the extreme can make you something very different from what you set out to do ('I keep my ideals' takes a dark turn..).

Tell Me Everything (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) by LordSister on DeviantArt

Blade Series: Welcome to U.A. (My Hero Academia Fanfic)

It reminded me of Bakugou refusing his medal at UA sports festival because he wasn't satisfied with the way he won. Their egos are totally frail because ...

His identity was altered and Todoroki almost lost himself because of his father, demonstrating how oppressive parents and people you identify with can be.

BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios

Straw Hat Hero (M!Reader x My Hero Academia) Ch. 3 by Operation-Ivysaur on DeviantArt

Boku No Hero Academia, Woman

My senses tingle with a foreshadowing. ಠ_ಠ

lesbianbakura: “i was gonna make one of these charts for some fma characters but

Post image

Bnha Midoriya Izuku and Todoroki Shouto

Manga SpoilersBakugou's guilt ...

My Hero Academia (Flower Collection): Iris by Shadowfollowed on DeviantArt

I have added Efi into the group and decided to make Hanzo a senior instead of a teacher, because I am making Mccree a new teacher ...



418KiB, 1199x879 ...



Boku no Hero Academia Seven in Heaven - Bakugo by VampireGodesNyx on DeviantArt

Toshinori's chest hurts, but he does not stifle the laugh that comes out from the very depths of it.

But his frustration took the best of him, and even if he'd like a re-match, what Bakugou says when All Might finally takes off his muzzle is that he doesn't ...

What Are Or Is Your Favorite Episodes Or Seasons You Have Watched From My Hero Academia! Let Me Know And Let's Be Friends!