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Gunhed [VHS]


Boxart Gunhed 2025 KP274 Kotobukiya

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Gunhed poster

Toshiyuki Honda - Gunhed - Original Soundtrack Recording (CD, Japan, 1989) | Discogs

GUNHED gun head 2025 SPECIAL EDITION (1/35 scale plastic kit) (japan

1/35 Gunhed Unit No. 507 Construction Manual & Color Guide

And maybe some of their suggested stuff is almost too implied, to the point where it's very easy to miss if you aren't paying attention.

7:51 AM - 23 Aug 2017 from Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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If Gunhed isn't an objectively bad film, it's the closest thing I've seen to one in a very long time.

Gunhed © 1989, Toho Co., Ltd.

GUNHED MEMORIES! Brenda Bakke on Her Starring Role in Toho's Futuristic Actioner!

An exhibit for the movie 1989 movie GUNHED was held in Akihabara last weekend. Apart from the aggressive marketing push that it received from Manga ...


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Gunhed 2

You heard that right - new Gunhed toy in 2018. #anime #toys… https://t .co/bId9qIfWOR"

Gunhed 2

... Gunhed - Newtype 100% Collection

GUNHED (1989) - Japanese robot wars

Recently it was pointed out to me that I wasn't leading with my strengths, so I went back through and gutted this article for reposting.

... the fantastically mental Gunhed! Also known as Blazing Lazers, this is a slick shooter that is both difficult and rewarding!pic.twitter.com/cgT1PuNvZK

Gunhed 1/35 Scale "Sold Out"

Gunhed 2

Gunhed by X-plus for 99,750 yen

"Gunhed Comic ver."

Gunhed by X-plus for 99,750 yen

It's from a live action movie from the late '80s made by the same studio that does the Japanese Godzilla films. I remember seeing parts of it that were used ...

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... Gunhed on Famicom. I had the movie on VHS when I was younger but I

GunHed (TurboGrafx-16)

Gunhed (1989) Dublado

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GunHed - Hudson GunHed Taikai - PC Engine [MESS] [shortplay]

Robots kicking the crap out of each other! Gunhed has all the ingredients of a genuine cult classic, and while it is incredibly impressive to look at, ...

Patrick Macias على تويتر: "Praying for a Gunhed anime announcement at #AX2018… "

Maybe I'm just too stupid to follow this kind of film - if so, I think I can live with that. I have a feeling the story would be so much better ...

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GUNHED 1/35 Plastic Model Kit Kotobukiya

You heard that right - new Gunhed toy in 2018. #anime #toys… https://t .co/bId9qIfWOR"

Waited 28 years to see a pristine 35mm print of GUNHED in the cinema; to fall asleep to. TOHO Heisei FX & great Kawamori designs don't mix.pic.twitter.com/ ...

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Boxart Unit No.507 KP190 Kotobukiya

Gunhed - QuickLook/CoolBook -

GUNHED modoki - Armord core's Delta ver

Gunhed - Ganheddo (1989) Sf Movies, Great Movies, Horror Movies, Movie

Gunhed - Manga AU Trailer

Image is loading PC-Engine-Gunhed-SHMUP-2D-Shooter-Japan-HU-

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Gunhed TV

Gunhed (1989)... Noel's Pick for May

Amazon.com: Gunhed: Masahiro Takashima, Brenda Bakke, Aya Enyoji, Yujin Harada

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Gunhed (PCE) - Stage 1

"Gunhed 507"

A Toho production out of Japan, Gunhed grew from a Jim Bannon script that was submitted to a Godzilla contest. Though he lost, Bannon's screenplay, ...

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Overview: Gunhed is a Japanese live-action Mecha-Transformers movie done up in low-budget, gritty cyberpunk style. Unfortunately, it gives us a set of ...

... "The Newtype Fair in 1989 must've been pretty awesome. Did someone say “Gotta have a party”? #gunhed #anime #mecha #art… https://t.co/KIfMf5ryao"

Gunhed Soundtrack - Track 7: The Party is over

Underrated, Yet Badass Mecha Reborn in Awesome Plastic ...

Gunhed (1989) Directed by Masato Harada. Only seen this once on VHS many years ago need to dig it out on DVD. #gunhed #masatoharada #mecha #robot #miniature ...

GunHed for K.W.C.

(PO) Gunhed, Toys & Games, Bricks & Figurines on Carousell

Gunhed T-shirt is also on sale

"Gunhed" Reaction & Review. "

Blazing Lazers / Gunhed

Gunhed is very fast and pretty challenging. Lose a life and it's back to the last checkpoint. Lose a continue and it's back to the beginning of the level.

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game HuCard

8:23 AM - 23 Aug 2017

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Ok, just one more 1980s B-movie that I find visually arresting: 'Gunhed' (Ganheddo, Masato Harada, 1989). James Cameron is also a fan, for obvious reasons.

Figure maker Kotobukiya hasn't said when they'll be importing their new scale model kit to North America, but they have teased us with a new preview.

Was it nanomachines? Was she a droid? Were the bullets only set to stun? If you know the answer, please don't bother telling me – I don't care.

Finally got Gunhed/Blazing Lazers!

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